All classes will take place in the Kraft Center, 606 W 115th  St (Across from Schapiro Residence Hall)

Talmud Tractate Ketubot with Rabbi Noam Friedman, Sundays at 9:45 am and Tuesdays at 9:00 pm, Room 400
This interactive in-depth Talmud course will cover the first chapter of Tractate Ketubot with an emphasis on the Talmudic text and its attendant Medieval and later commentaries. The class will meet twice weekly; sources for advance preparation will be distributed.

Topical Topics with Rabbi Yonah Hain, Wednesdays at 7:30 pm, Location TBD
A weekly interactive class which will explore different styles and genres of Torah study. From the Bible and Talmud to Jewish holidays and Jewish philosophy, this class is a great way to join an enriching Jewish learning community.

Topics in Hilchot Ishut (Laws of Marriage) with Itamar Rosensweig, Fridays at 8:45 am, Room 400
Surveying all the main topics in the laws of ishut, or marriage, this chabura-style (discussion group-style) class is open to everyone, especially those learners who appreciate covering a lot of ground without compromising depth. Sources are distributed weekly, and it is recommended, though not necessary, to prepare for the weekly hour-long class.

Early Hasidic Texts with Avinoam Stillman (CC ’17), Sundays 1 hour before evening services (TBA weekly), Beit Midrash
As an interactive Chabura (discussion group), we will do close readings of the writings of the first Hasidic masters and their disciples, with an eye for the philosophical aspects of these teachings and their historical context. We will also compare Hasidic concepts with ideas from other forms of Jewish and world thought.

Geirut L’chumra (Jewish conversion as a stringency in Jewish law) in History with Chavie Sharfman (BC ’15), Mondays at 8:00 pm, Start Date and Location TBD
Join this beloved senior and history major for a memorable weekly class on a historical analysis of this fascinating topic in Jewish law.